Research Global Markets

The beginning of our investment process begins with research data that is sourced from both private and public sources. It is easily found on our webpage and allows you to compare countries, cities, districts and development projects.


Choose A Property

Through our on-site rankings, we narrow down your search to the best projects in your country or city of interest. Once you have chosen an optimal development project then you can narrow your focus on a desired unit.


Reserve Online With A Reservation Fee

We ensure that you can purchase at the best price and offer you the widest global selection. After finding a property that gives you the confidence in its ability to build wealth, reserve online with a reservation fee.


Choose A Financing Option

Take advantage of our wide range of financing or foreign exchange options, and either opt in or out of our Five-Year Rental Guarantee Program.


Review Documents with Legal Counsel

Review final purchase documents with one of our approved lawyers or with your own legal counsel.


Sign Purchase Agreement

Sign purchase agreement and send two notarized versions to the developer.


Complete Firm Initial Down Payment

Transfer firm initial down payment amount to developer's lawyer to hold in trust until project completion.


Complete Transaction & Take Possession

Once all paperwork has been notarized and payments made, Property Passbook will arrange final inspections with you and help you maximize the value of your new property.