Palm Valley Villas


Phuket, Thailand

US$199 / SQFT

Palm Valley Villas

Phuket, Thailand



US$199 / SQFT

Palm Valley Villas Property Scorecard Property Scorecard is a proprietary tool developed by Property Passbook that evaluates residential real estate investability. Scores are based on unique algorithms that account for characteristics that impact the value of new construction property.



  • Palm Valley Villas 83.3
  • Phuket Average 85.2
  • Livable Score 87.5 / 100
  • Transportation Score 82.9 / 100
  • Building Score 85.5 / 100

Palm Valley Villas Investment Calculator

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Palm Valley Villas Location Analysis

Highest Momentum Score Lowest
  • Palm Valley Villas Livable Score : 87.5

    Livable Score was developed by Property Passbook and objectively rates the value of a location for property investors.
    • 83 Public Transportation Services
    • 82 Schools And Universities
    • 80 Walkable Restaurants And Shops
    • 81 Nearby Public Services
    • 85 Commute To Downtown
    • 82 Nearby Parks And Nature

Palm Valley Villas Investment Highlights

  • Recreation

    Location in the beautiful natural setting, among tropical greenery.

  • Location

    Convenient location, close to Nai Yang beach and Phuket International Airport.

  • Value

    European quality at reasonable prices

Palm Valley Villas Details

  • Property Type : Single Family Home
  • Unit Size(s) : 1092 Sqft ~ 1092 Sqft
  • Unit Type(s) :
    2 Beds 2 Baths
  • Est. Completion Date : December 2019
  • Floors : 1
  • Total Units in Project : 14
  • Ownership Type : Leasehold

Palm Valley Villas Building Score : 85.5

Building score evaluates the range of amenities available within the development and quality of the finishings in project units.
  • Amenities
  • Gym Facilities
  • Terraces and Gardens
  • Concierge/ Security
  • Clubhouse
  • Finishings
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Balcony
  • Parking

Palm Valley Villas Payment Schedule

Down payment(s) are usually made over the construction period for residential new construction projects.
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